Joanne Shwed, book producer

I have been training with Tala twice a week for about 9 years. There is no doubt in my mind that it has positively affected my life in every way. I needed to be accountable to keep going, and Tala is the perfect person for me. She gives me different exercises to do each time, pushes me a little more at each session, cares very much about my well-being, and makes sure not to hurt me or cause any injuries. Because of my training with Tala, I am able to live a pain-free life, maintain my weight, and do daily activities with ease. Thank you, Tala!

Jennifer Giambalvo, mom, advertising exec.

I've been working with Tala for 3 years. I found her through a friend who was singing her praises and decided to try Tala's boot camp. I've always been a jogger and knew that I needed help with filling in all  of the other missing pieces of my exercise regimen - something that was really tough for me to do on my own. Working with Tala has been so rewarding. She makes working out fun by never letting the routine get stale. She's always got a new approach and is great with encouraging me to push myself. I feel great when I'm done with my Tala-time every week - she has helped me so much to be strong and fit! 

Cookie and Jim, retired grandparents

I found Tala’s studio around the corner from my office 8-9 years ago, after I’d been rejected for long term care insurance. I decided then that I needed help organizing my future health, and if I couldn’t make it around the corner to get it, I was a lost cause. I hate exercising, so I really needed to have enforcement, so I see Tala twice a week for an hour. I gave my husband 10 sessions with her for his birthday, and it was the best gift I’ve ever given him. We didn’t know it at the time, but he was to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The balance, core strength, and strength training has made a big difference for him. His docs are all impressed with his conditioning, and Tala takes the advice he gets from the medical people into account in his training.

Galla Shurin, mom, receptionist

When I first started with Tala my husband told me that I will last two months maybe three at the most, but I have been training with Tala for 4 years now.  It started out because I thought I needed something to help me reduce my blood pressure, now I feel like it’s part of my weekly life.  In order to keep myself healthy I need to work out.  I figured out that I need someone standing over me to tell me what to do, because I am not one of those people who likes working out, in fact I try to avoid it.  Tala makes it work for my busy schedule. I  have 2 kids and  a full time job and my kids are involved in multiple sports, it’s hard for me to take time for myself, but I find that it’s important and she works with my schedule.  When I started I could barely do a single push up, now I can probably do 20 or maybe more.  Although working out is still a struggle for me, yes even after 4 years, I know it’s what I need.  The class is great and the women in it are amazing and supportive.  I would recommend this workout to anyone who is looking to do something for themselves. It has been really positive for me in all aspects.

Pam, communications director

I’ve been working out with Tala for almost three years and am stronger and in better health than I’ve been in a long time. My doctor is happy too – my blood pressure and weight have gone down and I am no longer at risk of becoming diabetic.  Tala gets you moving, and as your fitness improves (and it will!) continuously ups the ante with progressively harder exercise. Tala is the real deal and is an expert trainer who cares deeply about her clients. She understands nutrition and, in many ways, I consider her my wellness/lifestyle coach. Tala assesses every client’s situation holistically and empathetically and, whether you’re a hardbody or a couch potato, her energy, knowledge, and positive attitude will help you achieve new levels of well-being.   

Debbie W, office manager


All my life I have been overweight and not athletic…or so I thought.  Thanks to the skillful training I have received for the past 3 years with Tala I am a new person.  I am fit strong, happy and proud of myself.  The 3 years just zipped by as Tala always made training with her fun and efficient.  Tala would give me encouragement just at the exact right times (when my mind would say quit.) She could keep me going and pushing harder, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

P.S.  Tala always has excellent music playing and that really does make training much more fun!  The human body is amazing and with dedication and consistency Tala will give you the best one you can achieve! 

Thank you Tala!

Your student Debbie

Tom Ekkens, retired engineering designer

Six or seven years ago, I quipped to my sensei (teacher) that martial-arts training is good exercise, to which he replied, “If you want exercise, join a gym.” In that instant, I realized that I needed more than just my own stretching/exercise routines. I was a green belt at the time, advancing toward my brown belt. My wife Joanne had been training with Tala for several years and encouraged me to work with Tala in cross-training toward my martial-arts goals.

That’s what a personal trainer is for, right? Right! Building core strength, stamina, endurance, and focus became a major part of my weekly and daily routines, thanks to Tala’s physical training and encouragement. While I moved through my brown-belt training at the Kajukenbo dojo (school) the following year, Tala kicked my butt to make sure that I was in good shape and would be in fighting trim as my black-belt promotion test approached.

You might think that, once I achieved my black belt, I would say goodbye to Tala. That didn’t happen. I have continued my Kajukenbo training toward my first-degree black belt and my cross-training with Tala. She’s still kicking butt, making sure that I am ready to be the best I can be.

About a year ago, Charity was introduced into my workouts. Every other week, I now train with Charity. She is an athlete who understands fully the variety of needs that other athletes require. When we were first introduced, I told her to not go easy on me, and she took me at my word! Charity is a professional and personal trainer of exceptional talent and teaching ability.

We all have different, individual reasons for keeping ourselves in good shape, humming along in well-tuned bodies. It’s a goal we all share as we groan and sweat with Tala and Charity cracking the whip. Thank you!

Janice, retired

I've worked with Tala for the past five years.  She always checks in with me to see how my body feels before we start my workout.  The workouts she puts together vary from session keeping things fun and fresh. I'm stronger and have better balance than I have ever had in my life, all due to my work with Tala. Our work together has changed me from a life-long exercise avoider to a woman who looks forward to her workouts.

You here! :)